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Data Report: 5 Myths About Reverse Auctions in Legal

Reverse auctions get results. 

As one patent litigation partner at a Global 200 ranked firm told us:

"I absolutely love it when I get invited to an RFP with a reverse auction. It gives me real time feedback on my pricing and an informed opportunity to make adjustments to my proposal."

In our first report looking at reverse auctions, we've gleaned insights from the buying and bidding behavior of users on PERSUIT since 2017, including over $7 billion in proposals and $1 billion in work awarded.  

Here, we debunk five of the most common myths about reverse auctions when engaging outside counsel.

Real data. Real insights. Taken from real purchasing behavior of some of the world’s most prestigious in-house legal teams — and the firms they work with.

Download the report today to see how both in-house teams and their firms are winning with reverse auctions. 

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