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Out of the AFA Wilderness: How to Confidently Navigate the M&A Scoping Process

​​Wednesday, March 8, 2023: 12 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. BST

Big Law layoffs, economic uncertainty, rapid-fire law firm innovation  — the landscape around sourcing outside counsel in M&A engagements has changed profoundly over the past many months.
 Yet many in-house counsel teams are still trying to navigate this process with the likes of a compass and a map.
 Good luck with that.
 If you’re ready for the next best thing since GPS (hint, it’s AFA’s),  you’ll want to join us in our  upcoming interactive webinar facilitated by Maui Gevero, Senior Manager of Legal Advisory at PERSUIT.
Maui will share insights gleaned from expertly navigating some of the world’s largest in-house counsel teams through the M&A scoping process. Also covered:
  • A tactical “roadmap” for scoping M&A transactions
  • The best AFAs for M&A transactions — which ones to use and when
  • Getting beyond the bumps in the road — using material deviations to handle uncertainties around changes in scope

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