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ChatGPT and Law Firm Engagement: Get Legal Sourcing Right with AI

​​Choose the right firm for the matter (and save time) using PERSUIT’s ChatGPT-powered Proposal Analyzer

Thursday, June 8 2023: 12 p.m. EDT / 5 p.m. BST

How do you know you’re picking the one of your panel firms most likely to win the case or get the deal over the line? 

AI can help. 

Here’s how. 

Join PERSUIT’s AI experts — David Falstein, VP of Product, Jordan Weinstein, VP of Data & Product Growth, and Maui Gevero, Senior Manager of Legal Advisory — for a demonstration of PERSUIT’s soon-to-launch ChatGPT-powered Proposal Analyzer. 

PERSUIT's Proposal Analyzer, the first in a series of AI-powered enhancements, quickly summarizes proposal responses from multiple firms to highlight strengths, weaknesses, and key differences. 

With AI layered into the law firm selection process, corporate legal teams will now have the opportunity to evaluate and select law firm proposals with more precision and speed than ever before.

During the webinar, Jordan, David, and Maui will dive into:

  • The “how” behind the technology: What is ChatGPT and large language models more broadly?
  • What do legal professionals need to know about how they work to utilize them effectively?
  • How PERSUIT’s new Proposal Analyzer specifically uses ChatGPT to amplify and streamline the proposal review process for in-house lawyers and teams.
  • The ethical and data privacy issues you don’t need to fret about (at least not as much as you think).
  • How to get your team on board with this and other new tech.

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